Hello Bonnie & Team!

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Victoria Kardash. I'm equal parts wife, mama, and entrepeneur. I live next to the Rocky Mountains in beautiful Calgary, Albera Canada.

Two things are sacred in my life; first, the sound of my children's unbridled laughter, and my first morning cup of coffee.

I am slightly breathless as I sit down to tell you about why I am an ideal fit for the position of your Director of Marketing.

The Ideal Fit

There are many reasons I believe I could be an ideal fit for this role in your business. I love working with artists and am fuelled by being apart of creative process.

I'm continually inspired by the clients I work with. My current client list includes a quilting expert, who specializes in European fabrics (more on her later), a stationary designer, a make-up creator/brow artist, and an author/speaker. The skills I have developed to support these creative souls in their businesses has positioned me well to seamlessly fit within your team to support your business' growth and development.

Below are the top three reasons why I believe I could be the ideal candidate you are looking for.


My Current Job Description

I specialize in ecommerce development. I have spent the last 4 years developing online commerce using Shopify to offer a seamless user experience both for my clients and for their audience.

Additionally, using the powerful platform, Klaviyo I have developed an Email + SMS marketing program that has successfully increased my clients' brand awareness, subscriber lists, engagement, and ultimately, their overall sales.

I have also incorporated using paid ads on Facebook, Instagram, and Google as part of my marketing program.

Ferns and Heather - Acufactum


My Philosophy

I am passionate about catching a person's dream and building the infrastructure and support needed to make that dream come alive. I am driven by the challenge of turning the abstract into something strategic, targeted, and measurable.

Often my clients are dedicated to their craft, but lack the capacity to put the business systems in place to grow their business in a meaningful way. That's where I come in. I lay the ground work to give them the ability to scale their business beyond what they can do on their own while allowing them to do what they love; Create.

My Philosphy: There Is Always A Solution

No matter the challenge, there is always a solution. If the first attempt doesn't yield the results we want, we find the way that does. This philosophy has allowed me to provide my clients with the best service possible to facilitate each aspect of their business. I believe I could serve your team well with this same framework.

Winter Fairytale - Acufactum →


My Current & Future Goals

I continue to overcome the inevitable 'imposter syndrome' with ongoing education. I have always had a drive to offer my best and a belief this comes by being educated. My mission is to move from "skill-less" to expert with each endeavour. I started my journey in ecommerce with next to nothing experience. With every new platform or program, I have taken almost every certificate or course possible to get the most out of the platform and to ensure my clients receive expertise, not guesswork.

My goal is to continue to take courses related to each aspect of my role to increase my proficiency in high quality, effective marketing. You can expect that of me as a member of your team.

Summer Villabe - Acufactum

What This Means For Your Team

Now that you have a general idea of my background, I'd like to give you some specifics of some recent projects and how that relates to the position of Director of Marketing.

Before I do though, I wanted to mention an important 'runner up' reason why I am an ideal fit for your business. Simply put, your style inspires me (hence the breathlessness). I love all things plants related. My green thumb isn't always successful, but I love the process of growing things for food or for the simple joy watching something beautiful grow.

I have also nutured a love for artistry in fabrics. As you will learn later, I have been introduced to the world of textiles and am continually in awe of the beauty of this art form.

With that, let me give you some insight into my current role as it relates to one of my favourite clients.

Meet Andrea, of Willow Cottage Quilt Co.

To explain to you the type of work that really drives me is to tell you about my client Andrea, from Willow Cottage Quilt Co. Not only was she the one that recommended me on your Instagram post, she is the one who has introduced me to the world of fabric. She owns and operates a studio that sells fabric (mostly European) and she is an expert quilter herself. Andrea has inspired me with her own creativity, but I have also been exposed to the world of fabric design and I have developed a deep appreciation for it's creators.

I have built many a newsletter and blog post focused on the artists behind brands WCQC carries. Through this I have been exposed to the wonder that is surface pattern design. I'll sneak in some of my favourites that Andrea carries just to give you a glimpse.

  • Woodland Keeper by Art Gallery Fabrics

  • Chic Escape, Wildgarden by Tilda

  • Daisies/Butterflies by Emma Sjodin

Email & SMS Marketing

I was originally hired to recreate Andrea's website and build the back end infrastructure which we launched last July. I was able to provide Andrea with a beautiful website but also set some systems in place to better manage her products, and create a seamless experience for her customers.

We have now moved into scaling her business including using Email + SMS Marketing. I have developed a marketing program for Andrea including automated email, and SMS marketing flows, and a targeted, highly specific campaign program.

Over the last six months, we have been able to increase her subscriber list from 4408 to 7020. Our goal is to grow this list to 10,000+ by the end of this year. Over 65% of Andrea's total revenue is attributed to our Email + SMS marketing program.

Below are some highlights of our current KPI's over the last 30 days.

1. Average Open Rate: 75.5%
2. Average Click Rate: 13.6%
3. Placed Order Rate: 1.45%
4. Revenue per recipient: $1.48

Over the last 90 days (I expanded this window as our 30 day numbers are inflated due to our Annual Storewide Sale), our website KPI's are as follows:

1. Store Conversion Rates: 2.52
2. Returning Customer Rate: 45.15%

Paid Marketing

I have utilized paid ads for my clients on Facebook, Instagram, and Google. I have developed a relationship with a media team who builds these ads and manages the campaign under my direction. It's important for me to bring the right people on board as I know I can't be an expert in all things. I'm definitely not an expert in creating and managing the details of this type of marketing therefore I have put the people in place that are.

I regularly schedule touch points with my media team to develop an aligned strategy between these social media platforms and our ongoing email + SMS program. If you are interested in the reports from our most recent campaigns, I am happy to provide those.

Future Goals

Andrea and I share the fun of being big dreamers. Our next project to scale the business is to develop online course content, and expand the "studio experience" for our customers. We plan to create learning videos that can be turned into subscription based pricing. Our launch date goal is Spring 2024.

Although fabric will still be the core of the business, our work in creating courses upfront will have greater returns and will have less expense than buying and shipping fabric. We are currently planning our strategy around this online program. I'm looking forward to developing an effective strategy to increase conversions and reach our goal of 1 million + in revenue per year. You can check her out by visiting Willow Cottage Quilt Co.

Thank You

Thank you so much for taking the time to read through my resume. I appreciate your consideration and hope to hear from you soon! Please feel free to reach out for any additional information.